DYNAMIC MEDICAL WELLNESS is the easiest  consultation service for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) Physician Recommendations. Patients can now obtain their OMMA Recommendation Forms easily at our conveniently located office or via Telemedicine as a prerequisite to obtaining an OK MEDICAL CANNABIS LICENSES!


Schedule your appointment

Schedule an appointment with our Board Certified Physicians. 

Complete intake forms

Before your appointment, fill out your patient information forms online at our website. 

Visit with a Physician

You will meet with a doctor online in our virtual clinic. After being evaluated, your physician will determine the appropriateness of your approval for a Medical Cannabis Physician Recommendation.

Receive Your OMMA License

Submit your application to the OMMA and with in approximately two weeks you will receive a notice from the OMMA of your application status.  

Email is frequently the easiest way to reach us, however our office manager would be happy to help you over the phone as well, should you prefer.